Ph.D. Candidate in German Thought
Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages
University of Cambridge

Robinson College
CB3 9AN Cambridge


 Curriculum Vitae: CV

Doctoral research

The topic of my doctoral thesis is the place of utopia within the Western Marxist tradition. I am focusing on the ideas of Karl Korsch, Georg Lukács, Theodor W. Adorno, Max Horkheimer, Herbert Marcuse and Ernst Bloch.


Review of Utopia as Method: Imaginary Reconstitution of Society by Ruth Levitas, Marx and Philosophy Review of Books, 20 June 2014. Web.


October 2015 · The outopia of utopia in Critical Theory — A Fatal Mistake? — ‘Alterity, Resistance, and Social Change: Marxist and Postmarxist Approaches’; Interdisciplinary German Socialism Network of the German Studies Association, Washington, D.C.

November 2015 · ‘Countering the outopia of utopia in Contemporary Critical Theory’ —‘The Future of Critique & Emancipatory Practice: An Interdisciplinary Conference On Critical Theory, European University Institute (EUI), Florence

May 2015 ·‘Mapping Eros’s struggle and victory ’ — 8th International Critical Theory Conference of Rome —John Felice Rome Center of Loyola University Chicago.

April 2015 ·’The Emancipatory Potential of Conceptual Utopias’ — Potsdamer Doktorandenforum für Zeitgeschichte: Utopie und Alltag — Centre for Contemporary History Potsdam.

Nov 2014 · ‘Let me tell you a story of how Eros comes to rule the world’ — ‘Story and Plot’, Cambridge German Graduate Symposium — Jesus College, University of Cambridge

Sept 2014 · ‘Critical Theory and the Question of Violence: The 1968 Students Protests’ —‘Enlightened Anarchism’, Interdisciplinary Conference — Lapland University, Rovaniemi, Finland

Sept 2014 · ‘Intellectuals and the 1968 Student Protests:  Did Adorno, Bloch and Marcuse Practice What They Preached?’ — German History Society Annual Conference — National University of Ireland Maynooth

July 2014· ‘The Concept of Utopia in the Marxist Tradition: Does Utopian Thinking Prevent or Facilitate Social Change?’  — ‘Eine heile Welt?’/’An Ideal World’, Third Salzburg Institute Symposium— University of Salzburg

June 2014 · ‘Negating Utopia: The Theoretical Renunciation of Utopian Thinking by the Frankfurt School’ — DAAD Summer School ‘Radical Traditions’ — University of Manchester

May 2014 · ‘The Utopian in Marx and Engels’ Thought’ — German Graduate Research Seminar — University of Cambridge

Feb 2014 · ‘What is Critical Theory?’ — Robinson College Research Day — University of Cambridge

Upcoming talks


Other interests

For the past three years I have been involved with the activities of the Cambridge Society for Economic Pluralism (CSEP). CSEP is a member group of Rethinking Economics which is a student-led initiative for reforming the economic curriculum. Towards this goal CSEP in March 2014 conducted a survey of economics students at Cambridge and is since January 2014 running a peer-to-peer course, called Paper 0, which covers issues left out from the conventional economic degrees.

 Photo credit: Alicia Krozer