Fellow at the International Center for Humanities and Social Change
University of California, Santa Barbara

811 Poinsettia Way
Santa Barbara, CA 93111



Research interest

I am concerned with visions of utopian societies and their value for effecting desirable social change. I have written my doctoral dissertation on the place of utopian thinking in the works of Karl Marx, Theodor W. Adorno and Ernst Bloch.


’The Possibility of Envisioning Utopias’, in Henk de Berg and Catherine Moir (eds.), The Idea of Materialism: Ernst Bloch between Hegel and Marx (Brill, forthcoming in 2018)

‘Imagining a Caring Society’, Nyx, a noctournal, Issue 10, August 2016

Review of Utopia as Method: Imaginary Reconstitution of Society by Ruth Levitas, Marx and Philosophy Review of Books, 20 June 2014. Web.


Nov 2017 · ‘On Ernst Bloch, utopian ideas and their realisation’ —‘Anticipation 2017’, — Interdisciplinary conference — Senate House, London

Nov 2015 · ‘Countering the outopia of utopia in Contemporary Critical Theory’ — ‘The Future of Critique and Emancipatory Practice’, Interdisciplinary Conference On Critical Theory — European University Institute (EUI), Florence

October 2015 · The outopia of utopia in Critical Theory — A Fatal Mistake? — ‘Alterity, Resistance, and Social Change: Marxist and Postmarxist Approaches’; Interdisciplinary German Socialism Network of the German Studies Association, Washington, D.C.

May 2015 ·‘Mapping Eros’s struggle and victory ’ — 8th International Critical Theory Conference of Rome —John Felice Rome Center of Loyola University Chicago.

April 2015 ·’The Emancipatory Potential of Conceptual Utopias’ — Potsdamer Doktorandenforum für Zeitgeschichte: Utopie und Alltag — Centre for Contemporary History Potsdam.

Nov 2014 · ‘Let me tell you a story of how Eros comes to rule the world’ — ‘Story and Plot’, Cambridge German Graduate Symposium — Jesus College, University of Cambridge

Sept 2014 · ‘Critical Theory and the Question of Violence: The 1968 Students Protests’ —‘Enlightened Anarchism’, Interdisciplinary Conference — Lapland University, Rovaniemi, Finland

Sept 2014 · ‘Intellectuals and the 1968 Student Protests:  Did Adorno, Bloch and Marcuse Practice What They Preached?’ — German History Society Annual Conference — National University of Ireland Maynooth

July 2014· ‘The Concept of Utopia in the Marxist Tradition: Does Utopian Thinking Prevent or Facilitate Social Change?’  — ‘Eine heile Welt?’/’An Ideal World’, Third Salzburg Institute Symposium— University of Salzburg

June 2014 · ‘Negating Utopia: The Theoretical Renunciation of Utopian Thinking by the Frankfurt School’ — DAAD Summer School ‘Radical Traditions’ — University of Manchester

May 2014 · ‘The Utopian in Marx and Engels’ Thought’ — German Graduate Research Seminar — University of Cambridge

Feb 2014 · ‘What is Critical Theory?’ — Robinson College Research Day — University of Cambridge


Other interests

During my studies at Cambridge I have been actively involved with the activities of the Cambridge Society for Economic Pluralism (CSEP). CSEP is a member group of Rethinking Economics which is a student-led initiative for reforming the economic curriculum. Towards this goal CSEP in March 2014 conducted a survey of economics students at Cambridge and is since January 2014 running a peer-to-peer course, called Paper 0, which covers issues left out from the conventional economic degrees.